Simple Links For Jira: Data Security and Privacy Policy


Owner - Oleksandr Matiukhin
Application - Simple Links For Jira


Protecting your data and your privacy is a high priority to the Owner. Owner does not collect or store any private information.

Data Storage and Facilities

Application uses Heroku to host its cloud hosted add-on components. Owner is responsible for provisioning, monitoring and maintaining the Heroku infrastructure that required to support the Application.

Stored Jira Data

Unless specifically highlighted below, Application does not store a customer data, which instead is stored in the Atlassian Cloud Product that the add-on applies to. The data stored in the Atlassian Cloud Product is covered by the Atlassian Cloud Policy which can be found here.

Exceptions for Cloud Apps

Account Data: Application stores data provided and generated by Atlassian, that are required for license validation and communication with the customer instance.

People and Access

Only Owner has access to the Heroku platform hosting the Application. Owner has access to the Application data only to perform system or application support purposes.